An overnight camp out had been planned for the Boy Scouts for a few months. The plan was to hike during the day, find our ‘spot’ then hike a little more/further, returning in time for dinner. Because of schedules it ended up just a hike (probably best for me, haha).

So, we headed into Virginia in search of the Appalachian Trail, specifically Bears Den. Hmmm…wonder why it’s called Bears Den? Oh well….we found a trail and started, soon finding this…

Yep – I think we’re on the right trail.

The boys went ahead of us (probably thinking we’re too slow)

The climb wasn’t too tough, the biggest challenge was walking on all the rocks –

But soon we were at the top – it was beautiful. There was some haze so I can only imagine how it would look on a clear day and not to mention during the Fall foliage peak.

We had lunch while we simply enjoyed the view –

This is definitely a spot we will be sure to check out in the Spring next year. Who knows, maybe we’ll hike the entire trail from Georgia to Maine (yeah right=)! I read that it takes over 5 million steps, wow!