It’s seems like forever but it’s been a little less than two years since I started blogging. Honestly, this was an attempt to help keep my scrapbooking organized and up to date but it turned into so much more. I’ve made lots of friends (that I will probably never meet face-to-face), learned how to make my own backgrounds and banners. Can now use Photoshop and Photoshop elements. And take more pictures….pictures with meaning….pictures that can tell a story now.

But – I’m sure there are posts that you might wonder….why????? Why does she write about that? Or you may even say ….really???? I know this. And I understand. But I keep writing. I keep learning and love the fact that I can look back and put together a page or two whenever I want. Bottom line.
Tonight I was searching through some blogs that I hadn’t visited in a while and found this statement….”logic has no place in the blogosphere”! Yay! I’m not alone. The whole post was great – it talked about why she blogs and how her husband will never understand. You may want to check it out….here
And now, I’m going to share this –

A full moon last night….I love looking at the moon through our upstairs window – nothing special, just another one of those things I like. And probably another post that you will wonder “why?????”