We had a four day weekend and honestly got a lot done but in some ways, it feels as if it flew by!

Thanksgiving Day was very nice. We slept in, watched this – making our plans to be there next year!

then headed over the creek and through the bridge to grandma’s house….
We changed it up a bit this year since my grandma “ma” was unable to come. This is the first in many years Mom hasn’t picked her up and let her share in our meal so we were able to have dinner at Mom and Dad’s. Ma was remembered during our blessing as she struggles with her newest transition.
There were 17 of us this year – just missing Brandon 😦
While watching the Today show, Lester Holt was in Afghanistan sharing in their Thanksgiving meal. We watched closely just in case we saw Brandon =)
After dinner the men watched TV while us women gathered around the table, checking out all the sale papers and planning for those “Black Friday” sales. Ronnie and I don’t typically go out early but this year Chase and Cierra went with a friend….starting at 9:30 p.m. Wow. I woke up around 2 and checked in with them. Doing fine – out and about. Again at 4:30 they assured me they were fine. They finally made it home around 6 a.m. and we knew they would be in bed ALL day. Amazing.
We had planned to head out for specific things after lunch but got delayed so…by the time we were ready, those two were up. It was great hearing all about their 2 mile line around Toys R Us, the many people in their pj’s and the bargains they found. At one point I asked Chase if he was ‘ready to hurt somebody’ and he immediately said “YES, I WAS”! It was so funny to hear him talk about the 9 hour excursion =)
Santa’s workshop is open! Cierra loves this time of year as my sewing machine is typically going non-stop and Christmas music is playing. She is a HUGE help this year. It makes it a lot easier when the two of us can be working on different things. Progress was definitely made and 8 special people will benefit from our little weekend work, ha!

Ronnie and I did find some time to enjoy some quiet time (I love this bottle – nothing special from a wine perspective, a simple German Reisling but beautiful bottle!
Today was the first Sunday in Advent. I LOVE this time of year! Practice for the program is underway, the church will be decorated Thursday night and the holiday spirit will be in the air.
Now it’s back to work today as we work through another action packed week. The annual Christmas parade is next Saturday so lots to do there.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!