This is a long post with lots of details so….either get a cup of coffee or go ahead and “x” out, haha!
If you decided to hang around, thanks!
Back in 2005 we purchased our first motorhome. It wasn’t our first ‘camper’ purchase but due to a very unfortunate situation, we bit the bullet and purchased a full fledged, class C motorhome. We have absolutely NO regrets. But….we really wanted to build a garage to ‘store’ our motorhome. So….this story begins.
Many (haha) years ago we pursued our goal. But…due to the set-backs and boundaries we couldn’t build a stand a lone garage. We had to build an attached garage. Our house was relatively small (2400 sq ft) with a 2 car garage. So, with a pencil and paper, I outlined what I thought a 16′ garage added onto our house would look like. (we still have this today). Once we finally agreed, we began this adventure. The weeks, months and actually years passed…..all the while our ‘addition’ was underway. Wow. But, three years ago, we finalized our loan and our house was considered ‘complete’. In whose eyes?! lol! There are still things to be done!
But, little by little we have finished the rooms. The addition landed me a sewing room and Ronnie a bar and “Nascar” room. My sewing room, for whatever reason, ended up getting finished first. The bar came shortly thereafter but was never really ‘finished’ based on our expectations. So, with our annual Crocketts Tavern Holiday Party just around the corner, and Ronnie having a week off, sleeves were pulled up and work was underway. Tonight I think he his done. Woohoo!
As I sat there and looked at the ‘nearly’ finished room and realized it is ALL ABOUT Ronnie, I decided it was worthy of a blog post so here goes –
Ronnie is very sentimental. Whenever he receives a gift, a card, or pretty much anything it becomes meaningful to him. For the several years Christmas and birthday gifts have remained in their boxes until that special time to come out and get integrated into the ‘house’. The walls of his bar are covered. Let’s go on a tour – He loves Andy Griffin….and LOVES old stuff. This clock hangs on the wall as you go up the steps.

A wall hanging we picked up while in Daytona this year –

We keep all our corks….don’t ask me why but fortunately there are things like this to keep them in…

ahhhhh and then there’s the horseshoe. Most of our rooms have one. They are for ‘good luck’!

And how fitting?! Our “Olde Time Photo” right on the corner….

And that Christmas present from ‘years’ ago, lol!

Of course his ‘rustic’ room can’t go without the smell of balsam and cedar, right? This is his favorite scent….

And another great find – holds 4 bottles! Notice the Childress winery bag. On one of our trips to the Charlotte Nascar race we stopped by Richard Childress’ winery. It had just opened and was beautiful. I’m sure it has gotten more beautiful over the past few years.

The rockers…..we spend many a night just sitting in these chairs talking. We recently added foot stools. We have four however Ronnie and I have what we call ‘our’ specific rocker, lol! I tried to move but it just wasn’t the same.

This was recently added to the wine barrel table – an old time ‘courting candle’. Basically you light it while your daughter is out but she better be home before it burns too low =)

Now there’s a LOT of stuff in this picture….notice the corner shelf. That was one of Chase’s first 4H woodworking projects….looks like Ronnie found the perfect spot. Next, the wood clock. That was my Grandma’s (aka Ma). I love it that he made this a part of his room, too =) The cork purse…and a pretty cool wine rack. All packed right in this little corner of his world.

His favorite candy can be seen in baskets…Cierra got him a whole big bucket for Christmas, lol!

This shows a personalized Cheese board/wine bottle from some friends this Christmas, Ronnie’s bar sign that he has had for YEARS and a card and wine bottle/cheese tray from my sister and brother-in-law. All just hangin’ out –
of course, there’s gotta be a little bit of Disney….

and St. John –

ahhh and then there’s this – this was my license plate for many years. While on a trip to Dresden, Ohio we found a winery and loved this wine. My suv just happened to be burgundy so it was kind of fitting, ha! Boy did we get questions ALL the time about this –

What will you have!? The beer glasses finally made it out of the box after many years! Ronnie wanted the ‘perfect’ fit wine glass rack so opted to make this one. Turned out pretty nice, huh?!

It’s 5 o’clock here ALL THE TIME –

It’s always fun when we break the games out…..I remember the first time we played “The Game of Things”, we learned SO much about our friends lol!

This old beer crate was a welcomed Christmas present from my Dad –

And this sign was from the original Howard Johnson’s when Mom and Dad bought the building and turned it into Denny’s!

Kayden LOVES stars so Poppy wanted to make sure he had a few of them, too!

These grape lights were given to me a while back by my Mom….we never put them up and somehow Scanlon chewed the wire but…..Ronnie was able to save them! I think they add such character, huh?!

So now let’s stand back and look – woohoo!

I did decide to share the ‘hers’ segment separately – I know this has covered a lot but thanks for hanging in there =)