Yeah – It is still very MUCH the season around here. Our Christmas trees are still up and our house remains festive. Why you ask? Well…..mostly (only) because our annual holiday party isn’t until the 15th. Shew….but – I do love extending the holiday for a few weeks past most, lol!

It’s also the season for these….
A girl just can’t have enough boots, right!? I decided to just include a few of those that I have to avoid the gasps, lol! It just seems like whenever I pick out an outfit I just don’t have the ‘right’ boots and how perfect is it that most are on clearance now?! I’m sure you all have seen the Spring wardrobe out in most stores, right?!

Anyway…..a cute dress, tights, maybe even leg warmers or knee socks and the perfect pair of boots makes me really happy in the morning. What about you?