Cierra has always loved writing on boards. Through the years she has had huge chalk boards and white boards. She would set her room like a classroom and teach many, many empty chairs =) When she moved into Brittany’s room her black/white board didn’t have a spot so it stayed in Chase’s ‘new’ room. Just a few weeks ago she was teaching him – outlining everything on the board.

So – when I saw this I knew it was just a matter of time before she would have this –

This is the coolest thing! She asked us to get the paint (I didn’t even know they made chalk board paint) then it was a 3 day process. Paint, wait, paint then ‘season’. But it certainly was worth the wait. They do even have paint that would be for a white board (dry erase). Hmmm…I like the convenience of the white board but there’s just something about an old time chalk board. I’m thinking about where I want one now….