It’s been pretty cold here lately –

a little bit of snow here and there but Mendie and I decided to take the plunge and head out to get our LONG overdue pedicure. I haven’t had one since October due to my whole ‘foot’ issue so it felt so good to sit back and have someone pamper my tootsies =)

Of course once we finished up we just couldn’t put those old socks and boots back on, right?! Right! So we headed back to work looking like this…..

We definitely got a lot of attention and it didn’t help that we were carrying our boots through the building but, it was Friday! Doesn’t anything go on Friday? Just in case, I did let my new boss know that if someone sent him an e:mail thinking I had gone crazy I hadn’t, lol. He of course just laughed – he thought it was actually warm here since back where he calls ‘home’ it was 14 below, brrrr!