I have been traveling a lot lately. Tuesday through Thursday. Every other week.

Over the years traveling has gotten more tough since there is always something going on…..4H meetings, birthdays, Talent shows, church meetings (you get the picture) – plus I just plain like to be home. But – it has gotten a little easier with this one “in charge”…
Cierra has always been more mature than her age but over the past year, she has started keeping things in order – her room is always clean (at least for the most part), her laundry is done, chores such as making tea, unloading the dishwasher and feeding Java are done. She even jumps in and helps Chase keep his room straightened up and includes his laundry with her’s. Wow…that has helped out A LOT!
So now when I travel, I don’t worry about what I’m coming home to, although Ronnie has always done a great job, because I know she has kept everything together and made sure everyone does what they are supposed to, meals are fixed and the house is kept straight. I L O V E it!
So – here’s to you Cinderella! Thanks for helping me out =)