For the past two weeks Ronnie has been coordinating a group of couples to go see Andy play here –

The plan was for 6 couples to leave around 4:30 p.m. in the “PARTY BUS” and head over to Mt. Airy, Maryland. As the time passed, six couples went to five and then the final count soon became four. With that in mind, he worked with the limo company and locked in their “white stretch limo”. All was good –

On Wednesday our weather quickly became a factor when 11 inches of snow fell, leaving the our area with a lot of piles looking like this –

Regardless, the party must go on, right?! But on Thursday we learned that one of our ‘groupies’ was sick. 😦 Hmmm do we search for a fill in? Nope, they were still game to go. Becky was looking at 24 hours of good meds and rest but was committed to the night.

The day came. Did you notice how the vineyard looks like it is sitting in the middle of a field? Right – so the limo company called the vineyard to ensure he could get in and get turned around. She was assured it was good although we may need to walk down from the top of the hill. Let’s think about that, lol.

Then one of the stops in Bakerton was pretty treacherous. Ronnie took that route on the way home from Frederick and determined there was no way the limo could make it down there.

So…since we truly believe everything happens for a reason, we decided to “postpone” our limo excursion. But…..there were four of us that still wanted to go. It took a little over an hour to get there. Once we turn into the lane of the vineyard we all four quickly realized that there was NO way the limo could have safely made it in. Better yet, we actually got stuck and had to push not only our car out but also another guy (which we later learned was Andy’s bro-in-law).

Gee – look how different the place looks.

Then we make it inside. BEAUTIFUL! A warm fire-

the place is packed and Andy is doing what he does best!

Now it’s time for the ‘tasting’. Jeff, Robin, Ronnie and I are SO much alike….have SO much in common…..and seem to ALWAYS agree =) So our first choice was this one –
We typically opt for white but over the past few weeks have become fans of some red’s. Not yet a fan of Merlot, though. We had some snacks.

Then grabbed a bottle of Syrah. Pretty good, too.

Whenever we go to The Main Cup we always reserve the ‘couch’. Once inside last night we spotted this –

but it was taken! We joked about ‘stalking’ so we could have our normal space but opted to chill out at a table nearby. Later in the night the couple left so without causing too much commotion, we gathered up all of our stuff and made our way there (*heehee*)

Oh, and did I mention John McCain was there?!

Just kidding but he really did look like him, huh?!

The night wrapped up which meant it was time to head out. Wow…I see car lights that appear to be stuck. And, the road is really icy –

and sure enough we had to help push this car out

We helped them then they helped us. Back on the road we go.

Heading into Frederick in search of a restaurant we noticed a car weaving all over the road. At one point Jeff passed them and we noticed a car seat in the back. Now I’m worried because obviously the driver is very drunk. Then, right before our very eyes is a Maryland State Police officer on the side of the road. We pull over and Jeff approaches the driver’s side. Oops….somehow we missed that there were five other police cars across the road at the liquor store. Seems there had been an armed robbery and they were investigating. The officer did say he would radio ahead and alert someone of our concern. A few more miles and then we see this –

You got it! The wreckless driver has rear-ended a van. Wow. Luckily no one was hurt and we could see the little girl in the car seat. She appeared to be fine. Ronnie called the police and they were on their way.

Geez – pretty exciting night so we decided to get some breakfast
and recount the night. Shew…..

So after a page of writing, we definitely made the right decision about the limo, had a great, adventurous evening and even after three weeks in a row with Jeff and Robin, we’re already planning next week (*wink, wink*). With stories like this, there should be tons of couples that would love to go with us, lol! How was your evening?!