Scanlon has been part of our family for nearly 12 years. For as far back as I can remember, a cat has always been part of our family. I like the fact that they are ‘low maintenance’, self sufficient and for the most part pretty calm. Not everyone in our family loves cats though, let me leave it at that =).

Right after Chase was born we had trouble with mice. All it took was one time telling me to get a cat and the kids and I were gone!

We went to the local animal shelter and picked the little orange and white kitten. Once home, he needed a name. And his purpose was to hunt mice, right? SCANLON is the perfect name! “Little Trapper”, ha!

So he’s been a part of our family since then and for the most part a fairly cheap investment. Just the basics….vaccinations, de-clawed, food..nothing major. He does have a pretty strong personality though. When he’s out of water or food, look out! He will attack your legs like a tiger. I have been known to scale the wall just to avoid his launch. I call him evil but it seems I’m the only one he really does that to. Go figure. On the flip side, I can’t quite figure out why we would have these ‘three blind mice’. Maybe they were just too quick for him (wink, wink)…
but oh well…..Scanlon gets to hang around for a while longer. Besides, who would sleep at the foot of our bed each night?!