I have repeatedly admitted my lack of sport knowledge, right? Just trying to set the stage –

I’m back in Minneapolis this week, having dinner with one of my employees and her husband at
TGIFridays’. There’s some major activity going on. Yep – none other than Tubby Smith. Who? I ask? I am quickly brought up to speed that he is/was the coach of the MN Gophers! Ok people…I’m sorry…. I admit I am sports illiterate….
But – while my home away from home looks like this…
I can still be thinking about the love of my life being back home, right? So I get a note on a napkin that I am POSITIVE will soon be hanging on the bar wall..
Yep – none other than “THE” Tubby Smith ….
So there you have it babe – I’ll make sure the napkin stays crisp and clean until I can deliver =)