I shopped, we visited Greg, we ran a few errands but had one goal in mind. Home by 8:10 for the ‘kick-off’ of the 2011 NASCAR season!

I may not understand football….basketball or even hockey BUT I do GET NASCAR!
11 years ago Ronnie packed his bags and headed off for a two week adventure with my Dad to see the Daytona 500. Each year thereafter that was the pattern. I made my way through snow storms, being a single parent for 2 weeks and being really grumpy when I got the calls that he was in shorts, enjoying an evening out while I’m back home dealing with frigid temperatures, ha!
But… 2008 I tagged along. Ronnie, Lyle Campbell and I headed south just before a major snow storm hit home. What seemed interesting was that it seemed like each year the kids ended up not having school for the most part, when Ronnie was gone for the Daytona 500. So….why not just take them out of school and take a chance?! Hmmmmm…
Regardless, it was pretty fun. In 2009 we took Chase and Cierra. Grandma and I took the kids to Disney for a few days which was pretty fun, too.
In 2010 we took Chase and Cierra out of school for the ‘big’ event! The weather was pretty cool and the race (as it had been for the past few years) had a lot to be desired. So…..this year we are home. Ronnie broke his 10 year run of attending the Datona 500! Wow.
This evening we watched the Bud Shoot Out, chilling out in Crockett’s Tavern –

We did see lots of ‘two car tango’ going on….

and watched a pretty intense race. The track has been repaved….200+ mph speeds…..lots of activity!
But in the end….a surprise win by…
Hmmm….looks pretty interesting so I offered up my ‘frequent flyer miles’. But….NO, he wants to stay home. Yep…party in Crockett’s Tavern! With that said, we have friends coming over and it will be lots of fun. Right here in the comfort of our own home… =) Guess this will be the ‘tell tale’ as to whether he goes next year.