Now the question is – Are you ready for a challenge?

Every other month when the 4H Report (newsletter) comes out I grab my coffee and sit in my comfy chair and read. From front to back. This newsletter contains all the dates and pertinent information that we need to know. I update my calendar and leave a copy for Ronnie so he does the same. I check out all the club news and look at all the pictures in search of people I know. This time however I read and then re-read the first page. It looks something like this:

There’s Always Room for Improvement

The front page is reserved for a letter from the Extension Agent which we really like. As I read on, he talks about his teaching days and a sign that hung in his classroom. The sign read “Are you better today than yesterday?”

The purpose was to remind his students that every day they should be looking for ways to improve as a student, person, or both.

Now the challenge is for us. As he kicks-off 2011 he suggests that we keep track of our improvements by recording in a journal with that day’s date. At the end of very month, each member should look back in their journal and reflect upon how much improvement has occurred. His guess (and my hope) is that we will be surprised to read how far we have come and what all has been accomplished.

Sign me up! I know I have extra journals around for each of them or they can even make their own. What a way to help them grow and understand the importance of being better each day! I LOVE it!

So hopefully I will be able to report back some of the progress that takes place here on our little corner of the world. It would make my heart smile to see their pages covered with progress…..just sayin’!