Yesterday was President’s Day. I took the day off to spend with Cierra and Chase, intending to go shopping and take advantage of some expiring coupons. Little did we know that I would have to ‘work ‘ a few hours intermittently. They were troopers and allowed me to do what I had to do in order to balance work with pleasure. They completely understood that it was a pretty difficult situation and knew this morning I had to leave for work around 7:30 which meant I wouldn’t be able to chat with them while they waited for the bus.

Snow came…School cancelled… they were in bed when I left for work. Once there, I received a text saying “I was asleep when you left but good luck today”. Then I come home to this –
And had my dessert all ready –

Thank you Cierra! Hard to believe this this crazy girl…

Can be soooo thoughtful! Wow….how thankful can I be?! Thanks Cierra!