Don’t leave home without my camera!

So, yesterday was our ‘typical’ Saturday. Slept in, caught up on e:mails, helped out with the Pack 95 Pinewood Derby, shopped then out for an evening of fun.

I almost grabbed by camera as I don’t typically leave it behind but hesitated then opted to leave it hanging in my ‘cubbie’. I mean really…..what could happen that I would need to take pictures?

Ummmmm……maybe I would want a good picture of this guy that we just happened to be out and about with?
Yep – none other than Chris Cooley and all I had was a little camera that I really don’t know how to use very well 😦

And of course I had to have my picture taken as well (a few times, lol!)
He was a lot of fun and such a good sport. But since my pictures really don’t do him justice, I’ll share this one –

So are ya with me now?! You can believe I will always have a good camera with me from now on!