When I travel for work I have the luxury of sitting at one of my employee’s desks. Her work space is a lot different than mine. My desk is usually pretty clear with the exception of my daily calendar, reports and notebook that I am currently using. I do have some pictures of my family, some hand lotion, gum and a few other ‘personal’ things. But nothing touches this –

Her walls are pretty full of things that she loves – I even sent her one of Chase’s Soap Box Derby buttons so maybe his little face will be there tomorrow!

Yes, she still has a poinsettia on her desk =)

and look at all the toys –

oh wait! Look what stars at me as I type, lol!

oh but I do like this guy, too!

hmmm is she trying to tell me something?!

And this one, did make me laugh!

I have to tell you that I have come to like this space! And the best part about it is she keeps the BEST chocolate on hand. I wonder what will be waiting for me when I arrive (wink*wink)!