A moment of pure excitement….pathetic but so exciting!

Yes, I know but I L O V E this stuff and suddenly it was no where to be found :(. From time to time people would ask what I use to get my hair ‘full’ so I would share my secret. Well, I guess I shared it with too many people, lol. But today I found three cans at Walmart’s Salon AND significantly reduced in price. Regularly $15.95 on sale for $6.83. I bought all three cans since it sounds like it might be discontinued.

A moment of laughter…..

To see a Panther instead of the Cow at Chick-fil-a AND then find out that it’s a friend of our’s dressed like this, lol!

I can’t tell you who it is but for those of you that are local, you just might be able to guess!

A moment of aww – this lil guy came to the 4H meeting tonight. Such an amazing dog and very, very talented!

And then there’s the proud moment that I had today. I saw a phone number flash up that I knew was Chase’s school. Uh oh. On the other end is the principal. Wow…the principal NEVER calls. He started off by saying he had wonderful news. Shew….haha! Mr. Brown proceeded to tell me that Chase had won the County Young WRiter’s award for 7th and 8th graders and his paper would be going to the State Competition. Wow! Way to go Chase!

So after 4H we headed to get his favorite treat –

Be sure to check back….there’s more to this story however I just haven’t had time to put my thoughts together =)

So for a Monday, it wasn’t too shabby, huh!?