It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since Kunckles was hanging out in the corral –

but these two little kids have moved right in –

That’s right….Cocoa and Puff joined our family last weekend and they are just too cute =) So I guess that means the lambs will be joining soon! The 2011 4H goat and lamb projects are upon us again and we are loving it!

And wasn’t it just yesterday that this winning car made it’s way down the hill in Ranson then on to Akron?!

Well it’s time for the 2011 Derby –

New Driver (and returning of course) Orientation was last Sunday with the first car clinic being tomorrow.

It seems like we move from one thing to another and times where there is even overlap but that’s what life’s all about and you won’t hear any complaining here.

Happy Saturday y’all!