Chase actually did something tonight that no one else in our family has ever done. He traded fish, ha!

So the story goes like this. On September 5th of last year he ‘rescued’ Renegade. This fish had been in Brandon’s Mom’s fish tank and wasn’t getting along so well with another fish which resulted in a big “chunk” out of his nose…
He came here in a bucket and was soon happy in Chase’s 30 gallon tank.
His nose got better and he was a very happy fish. He followed Chase around the perimeter of the tank and knew when it was feeding time. He actually turned out to be a pretty cool fish.
At Christmas Chase got a 75 gallon tank which made Renegade even happier. The goal was to have a few other fish like this pretty goldfish –
but one goldfish, an algae eater, three cory cats later it was confirmed that Renegade wanted to live alone, regardless of how big his tank was.
Last month Chase decided he wanted to either give Renegade away or sell him. He made up a sign to hang at our local pet shop but it never quite made it there. One day Chase decided to call a fish store we visit frequently to see if they would take 10 – 11 inch Red Oscar as a trade and believe it or not, they said “YES”!
Our weekend was pretty busy but this evening Renegade once again landed in a bucket and made his way to his new home. It’s a win-win situation. He will be happy in his new fish home and Chase can get more fish =)
Good luck Renegade! I think Chase just might miss you…..