there’s ALWAYS a way!

With our annual Soap Box Derby just a little over two months away, it’s time to get the cars out of storage, line up the drivers and begin re-building, tweaking and/or adjusting the cars. Sunday was the big day! Fortunately a local storage facility allows us to store the cars in a few stalls between races but unfortunately it’s about 12 miles away from where we hold the clinics. AND on top of that, the Mayflower trailer wasn’t an option. Uh oh, right?!

Nope….a few e:mails and phone calls resulted in a group of parents, grandparents and even some kids pulling together and moving ALL the cars on Sunday. Wow. That’s what I call team work!

Of course this came in handy, too =) Thanks Dad!

And ‘poof’ – they’re all lined up!

Ok, so it wasn’t that easy but hey, they got it done thanks to all the help!