It was Friday but we didn’t have any plans. Both of the kids were supposed to have baseball/softball practice until dark and with new braces we just decided we would chill out at home. Plans changed. Fields were closed; no practice. Zana came over then Chase wanted Tommy to come over and before we knew it, we had four kids set for the night. They were all busy and didn’t really want to interact with us, ha!

So….we decided to hit this winery –

which we had been trying to make it to but our schedules just didn’t work out. After checking out their web-site, we hit the jackpot! The last Friday of every month they have live music until 9 pm. We got a later start but plugged the address into our navigation system and great! 26 miles, 33 minutes….we’d be there around 7.

Once we turned in, we could see the winery at the top of the mountain.

Keep in mind that it’s still pretty much winter (even though it should be Spring) so nothing’s really turned green yet but – this it’s still beautiful at 951 feet, huh?

Once we got to the top, we immediately fell in love with the place. Very quaint and welcoming. We could also see by the number of cars that it was a pretty ‘happening’ place. There was one WV car in the parking lot and believe it or not, we knew them ha!

KEN was playing…..again, we quickly became fans of his, too =)! He figured out right away that we were into his music so he let us know his playlist/request sheet was available. Ronnie circled many songs…all of which he played. Perfect!

During one of his breaks, he came over and chatted with us, inviting us to the rest of this weekend’s performances. Wow – he’s very busy! Check out his schedule….(click on KEN above and it will take you to his web-site).

We did purchase his first cd – which is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

All in all this was just a really great “find”. Their wines are excellent, too. We have never been fans of Merlot however after being convinced to try theirs because it isn’t the typical Merlot, we liked it enough to buy a bottle, lol!

They have some pretty cool t-shirts, too –

So..if you’re local and looking for a fun, cozy, happening place – check out Bluemont Vineyard! Who knows, you might just run into us –