It’s been a little hard to update my blog with three teenagers constantly on my laptop =) and….I promise to catch up but I have promised to post some pictures from “The Happiest Place on Earth” for “the sweetest little girl on earth”! So KAYDEN – these are just for you!

Here’s Chase with Daisy –

The girls with Stitch!

AND……Tigger and Pooh =)

Look at Poppy with Dale….

And then came Chip!

There’s Chase with Pluto, too!

Poppy and Gigi LOVE Mickey, lol!

Minnie is TOO cute =)

And Donald loved picking on Chase…

Goofy was squeezing Gigi, haha!

Oh and look! Minnie is kissing Chase….

Ok so that’s a quick update and pictures of the characters. We’re on a mission today to find Tinkerbell….can’t leave til we find her =)

We’ve been busy and are having lots of fun. I’ll share all the details later. I hope everyone has a great day AND…..Kayden…we LOVE you and can’t wait til you’re old enough to enjoy this wonderful, happy, warm place!