These two were inseparable and I got tons of pictures. They hung out with us some and did their own thing, too. We were glad to have Zana along….

Many times I was asked how Cierra was able to take a friend on our Spring Break trip and Chase wasn’t. Well….there were two reasons. First and foremost it was because Zana, Cierra and Chase all get along really well. We don’t hear a ‘peep’ out of them and they all like the same food, games and fun. But the other reason was because no matter where we go, Chase always finds a friend (or two). This year was no exception.

The second evening we were here a boy was riding through our loop on his bike. After the first few times, Ronnie tried to scare him with his snake attached to a fishing pole. At first the boy ‘moved’ but the second time around he just laughed.

Within the next 15 minutes, the same kid appeared right behind Chase.

Yep….these two became friends and were together every day. Ronnie tried to be funny with that picture and make it look like the Mickey “circles”, lol!

Chase was also up really early every day so he could make the most of his time in the campground with the other kids. Here’s a note I found one morning when I got up around 8:00 a.m. =) (hey, at least he’s resourceful)

Yesterday Graham went to one of the parks but when we went down to rent boats for Chase and Ronnie I noticed 2 girls following him. Hmmmm…well…I guess the two became four or five or six throughout the week.

Today when we left to head to Myrtle Beach Chase was pretty bummed but said his good-byes and hopped in the motorhome.

It turns out the girls are heading to Myrtle Beach, too. They live in Maine. Chase texted them the number for Willowtree Resort so who knows if they’ll end up there, too. Funny.

Oh and I can’t forget to share….Cierra and Chase began trading Disney pins 3 or 4 years ago. Cierra made friends with this lady over at Wilderness Lodge (she is ALWAYS there). We took this in 2009 –

And this one a few nights ago –

Cierra definitely looks older but I’m thinkin’ Ignez looks about the same, ha!