Ok, let’s think about this…..is Disney responsible for these awful, smelly, annoying bugs!? Well….yesterday when we went to this show –

the STINK bug was one of the characters AND this show has been around since 1998, ha! It’s funny though, no matter how many times I see the show, those critters that crawl under my seat get me every time!

Check out our cool 3D bug shades, haha!

And then of course there’s lions and elephants and giraffe’s oh my!

Luckily we just rode along in this –

I’m sure by now you figured out we were at Animal Kingdom. We spent a few hours there then a few cheeseburgers later we headed here –

and ran into this guy, lol!

And since Kayden loves her Mr. Potato Head, we had to buy some accessories!

Yep, we filled our box with all kinds of good stuff =)

The Legos are always amazing and they had new displays since last year.

We finished up here –

then back home for our last night sleeping among Mickey and the characters for this trip =(

But hey, the vaca isn’t quite over…we’re heading to Myrtle Beach! Yay us!