from sunny Myrtle Beach!

We finished up our Disney vacation on Thursday and headed north to Myrtle Beach. This is one of our favorite campgrounds. It is in Longs, SC which is on the North Myrtle Beach end, about a half hour from the actual beach. As you can see from the pictures, the sites are very spacious and it’s just a beautiful place. Chase did ask why it was so cold here, lol. I guess 74 felt cold to him after Disney’s 90.

Notice anything about this picture?

Yep, RAIN! Our first and only rain of our trip. We were very blessed with beautiful weather =)

We made the best of the day by going shopping (I found the best ‘junk’ store!)

and then had lunch at Margaritaville –

Of course you just gotta have a margarita, right?!

The girls wanted Spring Break hoodies so we found Beach Bums

and after harrassing this guy for nearly an hour

we came away with the perfect sweatshirts and a LOT cheaper than Disney, ha!

The rain moved out early which made it perfect for a campfire.

and of course you can’t have a campfire without Smores…

We woke up to beautiful sunshine on Saturday and headed for the beach!

A few years ago some friends introduced us to finding shark teeth in the ocean so we were on a mission –

Ah ha! FOUND!

So all of them spent hours searching….

Not quite as many as last time but not too bad for a few hours…

While I enjoyed a Mango Madness….yummy!

Chase even said he was going to ‘be a kid again’ by playing in the sand =)

Oh look, we saw the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine on the way home, haha!

You will probably remember that Chase and a friend started a ‘business’ of painting Xbox controllers. Well….he has been keeping in touch while we’ve been away and at one point said he was SO far behind. Really?! Anyway, he needed to find a particular kind of paint and luckily we found it so he was able to get some work done.

Meanwhile Cierra ordered pizza for her, Chase and Zana.

I had announced it was ‘clean out the refrigerator’ night and I guess that didn’t sound very appetizing to them. Soon thereafter sure enough her pizza was delivered.

Zana spotted a fish that she said could be “dinner!”

The girls were pretty good at doing our laundry so headed over the bridge to the laundry room.

And after dark we heard some noise….

Yep, they stole the laundry cart!

Since it’s our last night on vacation we enjoyed a bottle of wine by the campfire for hours…..talking about the past 10 days and how we really weren’t ready to head home =(

But up again today to beautiful sunshine…it seemed really odd not to attend an Easter service but with our travel schedule, it just didn’t work out. So, one last picture then we hit the road.

We’ve all had a great time! Now, it’s back to games, work and whatever else the week brings. Gotta work to play so it’s all good!

PS I know I’m doing this backwards but….Disney trip posts will be up either tonight or tomorrow….working as we travel =)