On Tuesday we had dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe’ (whisper?! I don’t think so =). This is our 2nd time there so we knew what to expect. Here’s the deal. While there aren’t any “Disney” characters, there are “characters of a different kind, lol! Let’s just say that our dinner time was full of excitement.

Shortly after we were seated the table near us asked for Ketchup. Their server yells “ANYBODY HAVE ANY KETCHUP?” Then….guests from many tables appear with ketchup, lol!

This is our server. At one point I was out of tea. When I told her, she said “SO”! haha. But she did call my bff Mendie –

and then had everyone in the restaurant yell “Hi Mendie – we wish you were here”!

The food was wonderful…

Then Cierra went to restroom so this server picked up her phone and saw she had a missed call –

so decided to call them back, lol!

Can you tell he’s giving her a hard time?

Then – he thinks Chase needs some ‘girl’ advice =)

The girls wanted a picture but this server decided he wanted in there, too….

Let’s just say it was a really fun night! If you ever get a chance, check it out =)

And then…..after dinner, Chase took the boat back to the campground while we took the girls to Magic Kingdom….

I L O V E the ElectroMagic parade –

All the lights are so pretty! And the castle? Just perfect!

With the park open until 1 a.m. and all the ‘little’ kiddies sleeping, we were able to ride Thunder Mountain, the white water raft ride, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan’s Flight and the Pooh express =) ALL without lines! Yay us!

We closed it down but wow! it’s still a busy city!