I think most people have what they would call a hero. Heroes can be a cartoon character, a teacher, a coach, Mom, Dad, grandparents or anyone that impacted our life in some form or fashion. Someone that made a difference or someone that helped make us who we are today. Someone with hands that care, have the ability to heal and still remain soft to the touch.

I may be speaking out of line here but I think Britt definitely has a hero. And no, he’s not any of those individuals I referenced above but he is someone that has definitely made a difference in her life. Let me introduce him to you –

This is Britt’s orthopedic doctor. The first time he met her, she was two weeks old. She was dressed in a frilly, little dress, with tights, socks and shoes. She had a flower band around her head of coal black hair and from that day forward, this man became a very important, critical part of Brittany’s life. And, even though back then we didn’t yet know this, our intuition told us we would see him a lot. And now, 22 years later we are still blessed to have the opportunity to keep in touch with him and we have all the respect in the world for how he healed our bundle of joy.

That’s right, these hands allowed Brittany to become the person she is today.

There is no doubt that Dr. Thompson is one of Britt’s biggest fans (of course behind us=) and we thank our lucky stars we ‘found’ him 22 years ago.

We don’t get to see him nearly as much as we would like but today he happened to be in our area as part of the Kyle Petty Charity Ride. Once Britt heard the ‘ride’ was coming through, she was quickly on a mission to confirm that Dr. Thompson would once again be their ‘doctor on board’. He has done this for 12 years now and sure enough, he was participating. With that said, Britt, Brandon, Donna, John, Grandma, Butch, Ronnie and I all ventured down to Winchester and awaited the arrival of nearly 20 motorcycles. So exciting!

From the road, Dr. Thompson spotted us and began waving and once in the parking lot, he brought Kyle Petty up to speed and introduced the two.

And we can’t forget Herschel Walker, ha!

The last time the ‘ride’ came through, it was a quick stop and we maybe had 15 minutes with Dr. Thompson. Today was so perfect, he invited us to eat lunch with him so we were able to catch up on what he and his family have been up to.

He was sure to have Britt’s correct info in his phone….

And then one last hug (sigh)

Then he geared up, oh no…hold on, she wanted to sit on his bike!

And finally, the caravan was on their way. Safe travels, Dr. Thompson and gang. Be safe until we meet again.