Small balls, large balls, white balls, green balls….(softball/baseball people, lol)and even GAME balls! Yes, that’s what our evenings have been filled with lately. Every night this week we have been at the fields. But you know what?! That’s ok because Chase and Cierra are very supported by our family. Their game time give us opportunities to spend extra time with brothers, sisters, grandparents and even Kayden, yay! So no complaining on our end.

But yesterday was just a little special. This is Cierra’s first year playing softball. She’s 14. She’s watched Chase play for the past 8 years so has certainly learned the game. But she had never actually swung the bat, caught a fly ball or even thrown to the glove until about 8 weeks ago. We have seen significant commitment and dedication to learning the skill of this sport. She truly wants to practice, is always ready to get to the field and is so focused. There have been some struggles with actually hitting the ball and she was starting to get frustrated. Ronnie has tried to help in every way, searching batting drills, bat weights and anything possible to help her. All we wanted was for her to hit the ball once. Get the feel for it. Build her confidence. Last night was her night! Not only did she hit the ball but she played 2nd base and did awesome on the defensive side. She took a hard ball to the chest, composed herself and still got the out! So let’s just say that we were really proud and she was very happy to get the ‘game’ ball for her effort!

Way to go Cierra,