Last Friday night we discovered a new ‘favorite’ place to hang out and the best part about it is that it’s right here in our town. So in about 12 minutes, we are there. And in 12 minutes, we’re home. Live music, great people and just a little bit of fun =).

We have never really been one to visit Charles Town and honestly, don’t really do much shopping here. With me working in Frederick, it’s just easier to pick up what we need there. But…..I got an e:mail about Third Thursday and the shops of Charles Town staying open later, live music, some fun for the kids…..and yesterday was the first of the season. The rain cleared out (thankfully!!) and the sun came out so we headed in.

It was very nice. Lots of people just walking around, live music in front of several stores and just an all around beautiful evening.

We ended up back at the Dish where we were greeted by Jennea and we chatted with the owner. We have become ‘regulars’, lol!
We will definitely add Third Thursday to our calendar and the coolest part is that we actually are ‘locals’! Wonder if there’s a bumper sticker like Ocean City?! (just kidding).
These same streets that we walked on last night were the subject of some beautiful pictures a few weeks ago…..I just have to share because I can, lol!

I LOVE this one….the smiles say it all.