First….it is very important to state that “I love my life”. I enjoy the day to day activities and being challenged with schedules that require me to be two places at once but….I honestly think Sunday’s prayer was meant for me – here’s what Pastor Joanna prayed:

“O God, who is the rock of our salvation: Come and fill our hearts with your peace. Meet us in this place as we bring our over-scheduled lives to you. During this time, turn our focus from all there is to do what you are calling us to do. Rotate our attention from our Blackberries and e-mail accounts to you and you alone. We want to worship you, Lord. AMEN.
Wow….right in the heart.
As I sit here tonight after a busy night and read this prayer, I still think he is talking directly to me. Please tell me we’re not the only ones that have such a busy schedule that we miss church, don’t read our daily devotions and pray quickly with our eyes open.
PEACE to each of you….