the past two days was this –

Yep! The scenery because baseball was ugly!

Memorial Day for us is baseball. For the past several years we don’t go to the beach, we don’t go camping, we simply go to a baseball tournament. In years past we have traveled to Winchester however this time we went to Purcellville with our first game being last night on this field –

And with the weather pattern we have been experiencing lately, we weren’t surprised to end up in our cars with severe storms upon us before we even got started.

So after nearly an hour, we heard “game on”! The field had to be uncovered

the bleachers had to be wiped dry and then we were ready. Hmmm maybe it was just the fans that were ready because we ended up losing 12 – 0 in 5 innings. Wow.

Next game – today. 12:00 on a field at the Woodgrove High School. It was a beautiful complex but nope….still not a good day for Summit Point’s 13U boys. We did score one run (thanks to Chase =) – final score 16 – 1

Final game – today at 5:30. Ok, somewhat better but still no win. Score you ask? Oh yeah – 7 – zip!

Oh well, right?! Regardless, we are still this guy’s biggest fans =)

No more baseball for us this weekend but honestly, it’s going to be kinda nice. We have the pool to uncover and a gazebo to get up so tomorrow just might be a day to get things done around here. Of course, we can’t forget about a very important birthday, ha!