you put your canoe in your pool, lol!

and that’s exactly what we did.

ok, here’s the deal. Ronnie never asks for anything but last week when I asked “what do you want for your birthday?” he said “I really want a canoe”! I was on a mission (which I love). I called, googled and researched and by Wednesday knew what I was going to purchase. So with the help of co=workers, my admin, family and friends, I purchased a canoe.

Unfortunately getting it home and keeping it a surprise was a whole other deal (thanks John and Donna =).

But….it was purchased and definitely a big hit. I wrapped up the owners manual and after opening said…now we just need to pick it up, haha! He was a good sport and today we picked it up and really wanted to test it out.
When we got ready to head to the river, Cierra definitely wasn’t a fan. She pretty much came unglued and referenced all the people that just lost their lives in the “river” (ok that was Missouri and a very different situation). So, Ronnie, Chase and I headed to Shepherdstown.

Hm….the water is moving pretty fast. (I guess the laugh is on us). We have had a lot of rain and from the looks of the flow, it appears it’s just hitting our rivers.

Then we decide to go to the Opequon. Gee…..looks like the two of them are really analyzing. Nope, not today!

So how else can we try it out? This just might be one of those ‘do as I say and not as I do’ situations, lol!

Anyway, this weekend has been a blast and I can’t wait to put the canoe in the ‘actual’ river =) I hope Ronnie had a great birthday!