this may be the case sometimes but not today….

I have to admit that I was very surprised Ronnie wasn’t recognized at the Awards Ceremony today for all the hard work, effort and successes that have been experienced in the past two years since he has been the Official Race Director. I had my notebook but thought maybe it would be unprofessional or tactful for me to be the one speaking. Now that I am in the comfort of my own home, I have decided that I at least need to put my words down on paper and/or share with my blog friends. So here it goes –

Ronnie, here’s to….

all the negotiating with our local businesses for discounts with the race financial situation in mind

knowing EVERYONE you know which has helped the organization tremendously by getting what they need, when they need it and for the most part free!

being a man of many talents. From building things, writing things, meeting with people, making phone calls – for doing just about anything asked and doing it right!

the sleepless nights when you weren’t sure how the cars were getting transported

being pretty much solely responsible for everything necessary in order to send the cars down the hill safely and timely (except for the timers)

the countless hours spent at the fairgrounds alone, working on cars, sorting parts and doing whatever needed to be done

being available in the evenings and weekends whenever a parent asked for help (outside the designated clinic times)

making sure the manuals are up to date, parents know what to do and when to do it

treating everyone fairly even if it meant holding up the heat pulls just to ensure everyone that wanted to race could race

exceeding our cell phone minutes month after month due to all the phone calls required to coordinate the event

all the missed dinners due to late meetings and skipped lunches just because you were too busy

all the baseball/softball games/practices missed due to conflcts with race activities

giving up Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown tickets this year because the concert fell on race day!

being patient with everyone even those that don’t follow directions =)

I’m certain there are many other things I left out but I just have to say that the race couldn’t go on (as easily) without you. When you stepped into this role, it looked nothing like it looks today. The work you have done over the past two years has ensured two successful races, GREAT job!

I know and understand that we see this first hand because we are ‘behind the scenes’ with you but there is a ton of work that goes into a one day race. We love you and are very proud of your dedication, hard work and continued support. Ray must be smiling down at you!

Bev, Cierra & Chase