There’s been a lot of that around here lately. On Friday, we were going to PA for our “Anniversary Get-away” and the kids were coming home. Today, we were coming home to get the kids ready to head off to 4H camp for a week. Shew….hard to keep up but lots of fun for all of us.

On Friday, we planned to hit the road around 10 but without fail, we were delayed =).. but as usual, it turned out ‘all good’! We found this ‘mom and pop’ place for breakfast –

and we were the only ones there, ha!

And then, when we went to Wine in the Woods, this winery was there however by the time we made it to their tent, they were sold out of most wines. Since it was located in Clear Spring, MD, we checked out their web-site and liked what we saw and ironically enough, it was on our way!

Such a cool place, it is an old farm that has turned ‘winery’…and they have some pretty big plans –

We definitely plan to make it to some of their “wine down Friday’s” in the future. After our purchase, we hit the road and rolled right into PA!

and made our way up the mountain (and I mean UP the mountain….reminded me of St. John!) to our destination…..look, our own little parking spot, ha!

check out our view of Raystown Lake Resort….ahhhhh!

and….there’s our ‘resort’, complete with treehouse and tiki bar. Yay us, right?!

once inside the door –

Junglewood heaven, YES!

matching robes =)

even a ‘towel’ snake, lol!

I feel like Toby Keith….. I LOVE this bar –

Ok, let’s get the canoe in the water….so back ‘down’ the mountain we go –

Yep, driving south but no road?! To the boat launch we go –

to paddle around in pure beauty…

Hours later, we chill out with one of our purchases from Knob Halll – these labels are soooo cool!

The night life here is pretty nice, too.

Then in to Mimi’s for a late dinner –

I think that’s enough for one day….we’ve been really busy! Check back to share in our yummy breakfast and 2nd day at Junglewood!