Today’s the first day of Summer and the longest day – yay! We’re going to make the best of it even though it is storming right now….we’ll go see Jena’ at the Dish and have Shu Chen’s buffet =)

When I think about summer, I remember those days as a kid where we could stay out really late, catch lightning bugs (placing them in a jar…how mean), ride our bikes with friends, drink kool-aid at the neighbors and swim, swim, swim. The humidity didn’t seem to bother us, riding bikes didn’t seem so hard and swimming didn’t wear us out. Gee…those were the days.
And now when I think about summer, I think about –
corn on the cob, right from the Eastern shore

a full load of beach towels coming out of the dryer

slicing red, ripe tomatos from the local produce stand
(and check out the progress of my Topsy Turvy, ha!)
and swimming you ask?!

Yep, this little one LOVES the pool. Definitely makes me smile.
So there you have it….this is just a lil’ bit of what summer is about!