all good things come to an end (that’s what they say anyway =) and that just happened to be the case yesterday evening when 4H camp held the closing ceremony. Ronnie and I got there around 4 and these were our first glimpses of the kids since Monday morning –

just a little happy, huh?!

By the end of the week everyone is considered your family – definite bonding….

and Chase even played his part really well, ha!

And when it comes time for the chiefs to burn the ‘spirit stick’, it always seems sad to me.

and from the looks on their faces, they agree ;(

And as we walk away, the burning continues…

but as good-byes are said, smiles definitely come back.

In a lot of cases, these friends only see each other at camp each year but they tend to pick up right where they left off.

And here comes the ‘stuff’ (Cierra needed a little help)

I think the two of them even ‘bonded’, lol!

So this morning while the clothes are washing and the bins are put away there is NO doubt all the memories will remain!