19 years ago today was a wonderful day! Everything went as planned but who would have thought what was planned was so much more than a simple marriage?! It has turned into everything I have ever dreamed about and so much more. We have seen, experienced and survived so many things during these years and are looking forward to many, many more.

Every day I have at least two hours of non-stop music listening time which gives me a chance to…… relate to, love, dislike, and laugh at all the songs on the radio. I switch back and forth from classic rock to rock to country, whatever I’m in the mood for. I really like Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton and fell in love with “I’ll be your honey bee”, lol! I took a stab at my own version (hehe). It goes like this:

I’ll be your soft & sweet
If you’ll be my strong & steady

I’ll be your gin & tonic
If you’ll be my glass of wine

I’ll be your St. John Island
If you’ll be my Junglewood

I’ll be your Allison Krauss
If you’ll be my Kenny Chesney

I’ll be your shade tree
If you’ll be my sunny day!

So there you have it, 19 years and still going strong, living ‘happily after’ on our Corner…right smack in the middle of Virginia

and Maryland –

So Happy Anniversary, Ronnie. I’m glad each other’s voices are the first thing we hear when we wake up and the last we hear each night!