Like Son…remember a few weeks ago when Ronnie tried out his canoe in the pool?! Well, Chase must have thought that would be a great idea while we were ‘out’, lol! Luckily Cierra always keeps my camera handy and snapped some memorable photos.

And here’s how it goes – Once Chase took his first canoe trip and caught this –

he was ‘hooked’. So…he took his birthday money and shopped –

and shopped….and shopped =) But eventually purchased his kayak. We went to one of our favorite spots last night so he could fish and just paddle around –

and of course, fish

and he was lucky – catching a black crappie…

which according to this guy –

was unusual….crappie are usually an ‘early Spring’ catch.

Yep, we had our first ‘meet and greet’ with the Game Commissioner =) Luckily, we checked out just fine, ha!

I LOVE it on the river, it is so peaceful, calm and beautiful…especially on a night like last night.