Our alarm clock has gone off a little bit earlier than normal, the house looked the same as it did in the morning when I left, and dinners you ask?! Well….eating was mostly on the run since it was usually really late by the time everyone got home and settled. But it was all for a pretty good cause (wink, wink).

Ronnie was Tournament Director for the 14Y State Tournament which was held at Summit Point and started on Thursday. With that said, pretty much if I wanted to see him, I had to go here…

where it looked like this before EVERY game!

It was a family affair with Cierra ‘announcing’ –

Chase did help out in the concession stand some (didn’t get any pics) and helped Ronnie when he needed something….

And Ronnie – the ‘official’ score keeper – responsible for tracking every single move, whew!

The first chance I had to experience this event was Saturday….so just like the others, I got up bright and early to be at the field by just before 7:00 AM. Wow – there’s a lot of work that goes into a State Tournament. I learned how to use this

and even ‘announced’ some but ugh! I was not a happy camper =)

I saw lots of these unpackaged –

And today, well Kayden and I were able to hide for the morning, getting there after 1. Just like all the other days, things were in full action and wow – the bracket is just about filled up!

But the cutest thing was when Cierra was announcing and Kayden heard her through the speaker. She looked at the ‘box’ and said “Cierra in there”, lol! She is just something else!

And tomorrow?! Well that’s the bitter sweet ending of a GREAT tournament! All of the teams and many fans commented on how well the tournament went and how well it was overseen. Surprise? Nope…now keep in mind that it took MANY people to pull this off but from my perspective, I wouldn’t expect anything less. We all know that when Ronnie commits to something, he gives it his ALL! (very lucky for me, huh?!)

So GOOD LUCK Augusta and Vienna – both teams have done a great job getting to the final Championship Game!