We saw; we left –

Yep, as soon as Karra won the local Soap Box Derby we knew we were going to head off to Akron to experience her CHAMP run but…..we wanted it to be a surprise. I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets so it has been a real challenge for me, for over a month at that, ha! But we did it!

No facebook updates, no ‘check-ins’, no “see ya there” comments, nothing. Just plain NOTHING about our trip. We left Friday morning, cards in hand for Karra, Ally and Trevor and arrived in Akron a little after lunch. We headed to our favorite Winery there, grabbed a bottle of wine for Jeff and Robin then searched for the perfect ‘good luck’ present for Karra. Not too big, just very special. Oh my, Ronnie had this idea to get her a small stuffed rabbit – not just the foot but the WHOLE rabbit. So that we did. (of course there’s a really funny story but I’ll save that for another time). We put the wine, plastic wine glasses, card and rabbit in a bag and headed off to their hotel. We were so excited to surprise them. I had been texting her all day just to see where they were and what they were up to.
Once we make it there and are at the final stop light, sure enough, Robin is at the truck, door open, talking on her cell. We pull into a bank parking lot and stalk. Wait. Stalk. Wait. Finally she’s gone in.
Inside the lobby we insist that the front desk clerk call their room and tell them a package has arrived which requires both signatures. (Ronnie had called Jeff earlier in the week and said we were sending a package so it shouldn’t be a surprise..) The front desk called them while we snuck over in the dark and waited. And not too long later, we see them….and this is what we got. (yes, very bad pic but I was excited and shook, lol)!

They were glad we came! We talked about their presents, their week, strategy and then headed out. They had planned an early night since they had to be up at 4 AM (sigh).

And today – we were able to share in the excitement of her ‘run down’ the AASBD track but unfortunately was eliminated (single elimination 😦 ) But she was ok, knowing she went there a CHAMP and goes home a CHAMP!

We watched the Trevor

and Ally

who were also eliminated so headed back to WV. Now we will unpack and repack heading for next destination……our home for two weeks! ahhhhhh – we’re so ‘cited!