Wow – I have gotten WAY behind in updating our ‘happenings’ so let me start by apologizing. As you can imagine, from the 22nd of July through August 6th, time flew; fun was had; the weather was beautiful; life was good! And with that said, there really wasn’t much time to update during our vacation. Not to mention that SPRINT service absolutely sucks on the bay =(. Oh well…I’m back and I’ll do my best to keep this active for all my dedicated readers…..promise!

One of the important events that occurred was “MA’s” birthday. On Saturday, she was 86! Wow. So….happy Belated Birthday Ma! Mom made her a caramel cake (her favorite aside from Lemon pie of course, ha!)

My birthday also came and went. I was pleasantly surprised on my birthday ‘eve’ to come home and find this in my kitchen!

This old stove was removed from my childhood home many years ago and kinda placed out by the garage. During the winter, I noticed it and thought it would look really good in my country kitchen. (Of course I eluded that to my Dad…..) I honestly had no idea he would remember or even be willing to give it up but he did and I love it.

Then of course my favorite, beautiful, smart granddaughter and ‘DIL’ came to visit me. I would now be flaunting a bangle bracelet that is just my style “follow your dreams” “reach for the stars” “sing with all your heart” and “dance like nobody’s watching” is written around it and I absolutely LOVE it!

Then we headed off to Akron, Ohio (it was just a little warm)

but it was all good….by the time we arrived at the hotel, the temperature had dropped 20 degrees without a ‘severe’ storm! We actually went for the weekend to share in the excitement of Karra, Ally and Trevor’s ‘run down the giant hill’ as part of the All American Soap Box Derby Race. Fear not though, my birthday was not overshadowed by any means. Ronnie, Cierra and Chase took me to Maize Winery for the evening.

We enjoyed some ‘snacks’, live music and sodas/wine.

Another perfect birthday thanks to all those that ‘love’ me =) Not to mention ALL the Facebook comments/wishes! I was honestly overwhelmed. Very nice!

I think that does it for the birthday’s last month but we DO have one coming up next Saturday, lol! Special privileges will also be part of this one….everyone in our area should be aware… a rookie driver will soon be on the roads!