I promise to post more about out fabulous vacation but as I was preparing this info to submit for publishing in the “Coastal Fisherman” I really wanted to share with you as well =)

This is the 3rd year we have flounder fished. Period. Each year we get a little better and do all of our homework prior to setting sail. This year we had a new kid with us. He doesn’t like seafood, and really wasn’t too crazy about fishing but ya know what?! It didn’t matter because when his pole started to bend and Cierra looked in the water, she said “I swear to goodness, he has DINNER!” we cracked up but she was RIGHT!

That’s right, we have caught well over 30 flounder only to have them not quite meet the required measurement so this year we were determined to catch one to grill. Thanks to Tim, we were able to do just that!! His catch was 20″ long and perfect….very yummy too. I have to admit though that it was really hard not throwing him back =( Of course, I was made fun of and reminded that it’s nature…..we eat fish all the time.
That’s just a one small adventure of our 2 weeks so come back real soon for more!