I AM pathetic!

I know it, I admit it and am even proud of it sometimes =) But….I was so afraid while we were gone for two weeks I was going to miss my “Topsy Turvy” baring fruit (well, tomatoes) but…..guess what?! I didn’t!

Yep, i picked these tonight and am SO happy. Before we went on vacation, Ronnie even moved the huge plant(s) around on the front porch for some shade, protection and simply to make it easier on my Mom to water. She did exactly like I would and watered, watered, and watered, lol!

When we came home Saturday, I looked and there were a few but today!? Wow!! These were waiting for me and there’s even more! Guess we’re having tomatoes with some lettuce for dinner tonight =)

So, for any of you that don’t believe those ads on TV, I am living proof….(sigh)!