NO!!! I just couldn’t do it. This is too funny not to share AND comment.

Wanna guess what this is?

This is my dishwasher….full of suds! And, here’s the story =)

Just before we were ready to leave on vacation, we were all on a mission to make sure all the dishes were clean, laundry was done and the house was clean. Cierra was in charge of the dishes. Hmmmm mistake? Not typically. She is very mature and takes charge of the house quite often. I thought about running the dishwasher before I went to bed but for some reason didn’t. The next morning Cierra decided she would take over. Not sure what possessed her to decide to put regular dish washer detergent in the slot but she did (and evidently didn’t think anything about it). Later that day they told me the dishwasher was leaking. Ugh! We were too busy to check it out and somewhat ‘left it alone’. (sometimes if you ignore the problem it fixes itself, haha).

Once back from Ohio, we decided it was time to figure out the issue. Oh my……it took 4 cycles and several beach towels on the floor to even begin to make a difference. Finally the suds cleared out and all returned to normal. Whew! But I have to add that Ronnie was honestly ok with the whole thing! WHAT?! He even laughed….. Definitely a keeper for future reference when I do something this crazy, lol!