I LOVE summer nights. I have options…..sitting in the gazebo, swimming in the pool or just hanging out on our front porch. All of the options are perfect to me. Ronnie on the other hand, isn’t quite as fond of summer nights. The temperature has to be just right and the humidity relatively low before he enjoys the evening as much as me. I have to say though that there have been many nights that didn’t fall into his ‘perfect’ category but he suffered through, lol!

It’s been really hot, dry and humid here which means we haven’t been spending many evenings outside. BUT the past three nights have been GREAT! Tonight it’s even cool enough for a campfire, yay!
Campfires used to be something we mostly did while camping but since we haven’t been camping quite as much lately we started having them in our backyard. This is how it started –

And last month it turned into this –

So we’re ready! Bring on the cool nights….SMORES are a perfect bedtime snack, ha!