So – on Friday we had the honor of celebrating our friend, OJ’s birthday with him and his wife, Kim. As anticipated, it was a late afternoon/evening full of laughs, spirits and travels.

Even before we knew we would be with them though, Ronnie and I had already decided to check out Bogati . Bogati was our newest ‘find’ with live music on Friday nights and it was pretty close to us to beat it all!

When I called to inquire about the ‘type’ of music, I was informed that we didn’t need reservations and the live music happened to be a 14 year old boy named Adam who had never played there but from what they had heard was phenomonal. I was immediately excited and once I shared this with Ronnie, he was as well.
We found the place very quaint (OJ and Kim had been there before) and I spotted this young man –

I completely skipped the wine bar and headed to find a seat. I was in aw. He was singing a christian song that I wasn’t familiar with but immediately loved. After a few songs, I did catch up with the ‘rest’ for our wine tasting. Of course, that’s always very fun =)

We settled at a small table and just listened. Intently. And were very impressed.
I’m not sure you could say that “I’ve never met a stranger” but I’m not typically shy in introducing myself. During a break, we figured out who Adam’s parents were. Once I made my way to them, I introduced myself and was very quick to say that we have a 14 (soon to be 15 year old daughter) that would love him, wink, wink! I learned that this was
1) Adam’s first performance
2) he was playing his guitar in Winchester (on the street) and the lady from Bogati just happened to be walking by so threw a card at him and said she was going to get him ‘off the street’, haha! And, she did JUST that.
3) he has never taken guitar lessons and later learned
4) he does NOT have a girl friend
5)that he was saving money to replace his cellphone that was either lost or damaged which meant he was using his dad’s antique cell in the interim. See….I can learn quickly, lol!
We stayed for a while and truly witnessed him singing his heart out –

he even sang “Amazing Grace”, wow. I think we may have been the only ones there that new the words but we sang along, proud.

finally convinced OJ to contribute to the ‘fund’ (just kidding)…

but only after he had tried to share some of his bad habits, ha!

We eventually headed out but promised to keep in touch with Adam and his family. He has so much potential and was even ‘tagged’ in FB on my page as our potential future son-in-law, haha!

And here’s one last birthday wish to OJ! We had a blast =)

But…..I can’t end the post without mentioning that this morning at church I was very excited to see “Amazing Grace” in the bulletin =) sometimes it’s just the smallest things that make me smile.