Our weekend was great! Friday evening was definitely a memorable one, moving right into the weekend. On Saturday morning we slept in and were pretty lazy for the first half of the day (nope, no mimosas!) but did get ourselves together for a shopping event with Cierra to celebrate her birthday. And we were off –

we headed to Fair Oaks instead of where we had intended since there is an actual Aerie store there (plus all the others she wanted)! And what started out as her birthday shopping, ended up our annual ‘back to school’ day. It was actually very nice and a little different this year…..Ronnie participated! It was truly a ‘family affair’, ha!

Chase pretty much had in his mind set as to what he wanted….one pair of jeans, 5 shirts and one pair of shoes…so once we hit Hollister and he got one pair of jeans and about 10 shirts (they were on sale), he said he was DONE! Well, Cierra wasn’t so while he and Ronnie sat in the mall, Cierra hit Aerie –

This was her first time visiting the store so let’s just say ‘it took a while’ =)! But she LOVED it!

We headed upstairs and Chase was in ‘shoe heaven’ –

Ronnie really struggles when he wants a new pair of shoes that typically range from $100 – $140. BUT…..his foot appears to have stopped growing AND all in all, he only has 5 pair of shoes. Cierra on the other hand, has about 50! So once reminded, Ronnie was on-board. Needless to say I was really happy when Chase found a pair that he liked for $39! Wow, I think that is a FIRST!

The next stop was AE. At this point, ‘school shopping’ is over and Cierra is now on her own. Birthday money is required, lol. She was very disturbed with the prices and how few items she could get with her cash =( Chase on the other hand decided to take a break –

Seriously though, the best thing they ever did was put chairs/couches in Hollister and AE! Ronnie was in his glory, too.

Our last stop was Victoria’s Secret and I must say that I am very proud. Cierra had printed some coupons from the internet and also had some savings from the mail so….she got a jacket and sweat pants, underwear and small mist for less than $20 bucks. GO Cierra!

It was late but Cierra was determined to share her birthday dinner with J, Ash and Kayden….luckily they were very flexible =) Across the mountain we went and this is how she was greeted….

Kayden was SO excited to give Cierra her Princess balloon –

And at the end of a wonderful day, a yummy meal!

And Kayden was so funny…..she ‘hid’ from the fire and then squinted when she wateched –

And clapped at the cook’s presentation, haha!

But the grand finale’ of the night was that she was totally in the mood to have her picture taken with every one of us! LOVE her!

I think Cierra would agree – she had a GREAT day!