Believe me, that’s what Friday night was ALL about. We always search for ‘live entertainment’ for our Friday ‘night out’ which typically means we will be hitting a winery. LOVE wine and LOVE free concerts.

We headed over to Sunset Hills where David Davol was playing. Once inside, we spotted a group of women that were absolutely having a blast! Quickly we figured out it was somewhat of a bachlorette party…..wild girls, lots of laughing, limo parked out front….it was too much =)

We purchased our bottle and headed to the deck. We had two extra chairs so shared our table with a great couple from Lovettsville. They talked about their favorite winery which we hope to head to next month. Not long after we got settled, here comes “the bride” –

Of course, I just had to know what this was all about, ha! So I headed over to her table. It was her night out, she was from Winchester, getting married 9/6 and her ‘party of girls’ surprised her by having an ‘ugly dress’ party. Each of them had purchased their dresses from a thrift store (except for one – she had this one since 1987 – lol!)

This pink Cinderella dress was a total of $3.69

and one lady purchased her dress and shoes for $10! Don’t they look georgeous?!

We noticed an older couple that were enjoying the evening as well and by the end of the night they were definitely into the party…

Needless to say, we had a blast with them. It ends up that their white limo broke down so they were waiting on another. It did finally come but not sure how many bottles were emptied prior to it’s arrival.

David put on a nice show, being very patient and flexible with this group. Once things calmed down we chatted with him for a while and will certainly look for his upcoming performances.

So it was definitely one of those evenings where your cheeks hurt. It seemed like 2 hours of non-stop laughing =) What a better way to ‘wine down’ on Friday and jump into the weekend?!