Today is just one of those days. The fair came to an end last night with pouring rain which didn’t make me happy (since we LOVE the fair) but the kids definitely aren’t ‘fair weather fans’ since they stuck it out til closing time. Ronnie and I spent much of the rainy evening/night in front of the TV, watching and waiting for what Irene was going to bring to Ocean City.

And then this morning as soon as our eyes were open, the TV came on to catch up with Irene. Shew – from the looks of it, the beach house just might be ok.

Then off to clean up at the fairgrounds. The bitter sweet finale’…Luckily this little girl got to come home with us!

Yep, that’s right! The buyer (more to come on that later) asked Chase if he wanted her back and he said “SURE!” =) He’s hoping to breed her next year for his 2013 Market lamb.

Once back home, it’s time to unpack the fair bins, truck, cooler, and all the above, ha! Laundry had piled up all week and the house just needed a good cleaning. A run to the grocery store then filling out ALL those papers from the first day of school :(. That is the worst job! Can’t they retain this info year after year?!

Tomorrow is back to the grind. Work and school. Even though school officially started last week, the kids didn’t go Thursday or Friday so it really is another start. Bed early and catching up on what they missed because on Friday, we’re heading to OC!

But….in all my ‘hum drum’ day, this little girl was born –

So Cierra got to witness a c-section on a goat. Of course she took lots of pictures (none of which I plan to share) but let’s just say it was very interesting….Chase and I caught the tail end of sewing the momma back up which was also very interesting.

Then on my way down the lane I saw this –

Just too cute….

And who’s just chillin’ out?!

Then I think about how lucky I am and how ‘good’ my life is and say ….geez, be happy =)!