Change is good, right?!  I admit, I’m kinda odd….when it comes to my work life, I can adapt to change quickly and honestly, that’s our way of life.  But…..when it comes to my personal life – NO!  I don’t like change.  I like things the same.  I like consistency.  PERIOD.

This has been a part of my life for MANY, MANY years –

so when I started to think about switching  to ….

I was very nervous (to say the least!)

But I researched, analyzed and polled my friends.  And when I weighed the pros…..service at the ballfield, fairgrounds, in between the bridges, work, beach AND I could have an iPhone (and Instagram), ha!  versus the cons…….leaving Sprint, changing my number, the decision was made.  Little by little I have converted and I am VERY happy!

Honestly though, switching cell phone carriers wasn’t nearly as hard as switching from Blogger.  Wow….I have been thinking about WordPress for a few weeks but every time I got close, I chickened out.  The other night when I completely botched up my blog, I thought ok, maybe it’s time for a try and here we are.  BUT…I’m not convinced I will stay.  There are some really good things but I’m not comfortable enough yet to say for sure if I will stay.  We’ll see…….So, feel free to provide some feedback.  What do you think?